Your home is arranged for life, but when it comes to selling it, it needs to be arranged for large groups of people to see and fall in love with it, without bumping into each other.

This, my friends, is why home staging is such a critical part of the home sale strategy.

My expert stager and I will begin by envisioning multiple people walking through your home at the same time. We will then develop a plan to highlight the beauty and character of your home, striking the perfect balance between possibility and personality.

Arranging Items and Furniture

We often work with your own items, determining placement, and at times suggesting eliminating some from view while the home is on the market. For instance, if you have beautiful built-in bookcases that are currently packed to the brim with tomes, we might suggest removing half the books so that the built-ins can shine. We may also recommend slightly different furniture arrangements to ease traffic patterns, potentially putting some of your furniture in temporary storage.

Reduce Clutter & Clean Closets

By eliminating clutter and thoughtfully selecting the items to display, we can help potential buyers to feel immediately comfortable in your space. Recycling the junk mail, collecting toys in chic containers, and paring down the photos on the mantle can help buyers imagine your home as their home. We can’t forget the skeletons in your closet either. Emptying out half of the items to give the sense of more space can keep potential buyers from wondering if they will outgrow the house too soon.

Lighten Up

We aim to maximize natural light in your home by avoiding heavy window treatments and keeping the curtains open whenever possible. It is also important to assess the artificial light sources in each room in your home, changing out bulbs, lamps, and fixtures as needed to make every space cozy and bright.

Finishing Touches

The final welcoming touches include a well-manicured front lawn, inviting entryway, and fresh table settings and linens throughout the home. These little details make people feel calm and welcome in the space, not to mention much more apt to focus on the best aspects of you’re home.