Selecting an Agent and Setting a Price

Working with an experienced realtor to sell your home not only makes the process go more smoothly, but also can help you get the most competitive sales price for your home in the current real estate market. You want to choose a trained professional who is available, knows the market, and takes time to listen to your needs. You are going to be spending a lot of time and making some big decisions alongside your realtor so be sure that you have a good rapport before moving forward.

In order to determine the appropriate listing price for your home, I begin with a comparative market analysis and talk you through the report and the factors that go into it. Learn more and find out more about your home’s value today.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Taking the time to properly prepare your home for the market can make a major difference when it comes to attracting potential buyers. We will review the small repairs and touch-ups that are worth attending to:

  • freshening up baseboard paint
  • remove clutter
  • remove personal photos and items
  • gutters cleaned
  • curb appeal – front lawn, front door, and entryway

Cleaning and proper staging are the next important steps to showing off your home in its very best light.

On the Market

At Rutledge, we believe that a coordinated approach to listing your home is key to effectively marketing your property. By scheduling a broker open house and a buyer open house immediately after the home appears on the MLS, we are able to generate early interest. Our goal is to sell your home sooner, which gives us the best chance at maximizing the selling price.

Unlike many agents who rely heavily on assistants, I do all of my own showings. When I show your home, I take the opportunity to point out important features and benefits to potential buyers and answer any questions that arise. Being there myself also allows me to gauge buyer interest—an invaluable insight when the time comes to review offers.

Accepting the Right Offer

Your connection to your home is based on memories and a host of other emotional factors. It can be very difficult to negotiate your own home sale with all of the feelings that accompany the transition to a new living space. Having an expert at the table to walk you through the whole process and what to anticipate can help manage expectations and ensure the best possible outcome.

Moving On

If you need assistance in purchasing your next home in the area, I hold special certification as a buyer’s agent and am happy to help. Beyond that, I have referrals and suggestions for planning an easy, breezy move. Visit this link where I share some of my favorite moving tips.

Your Homes Value

For most of us, our home is one of the most valuable assets we will ever have. If you are considering selling, you need to be armed with all the knowledge possible to make the right choices about the listing price.

By conducting a comparative market analysis (CMA), I can walk you through comparable properties that have sold in your area and their sale prices as well as other factors that weigh into the value of your home at this moment in time.

Determining the listing price of your home is definitely more of an art than a science. While it might be tempting to see only the bottom line number and choose a broker based on the highest dollar amount, only looking at that number can be misleading.

I bring years of industry experience, but at the end of the day, it’s your home. That is why, although I give guidance, setting the listing price is a collaborative decision that we make together.


Contact me today to find out your home’s value and how to best prepare it for the market.